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Combining Art with Passion

My father and mentor, Dr. Irving Fishman, founded this practice back in 1938. After completion of my dental school education, I joined my father in 1976. I had the honor and pleasure of practicing with my dad until his retirement, 13 years later.

Perhaps the greatest lesson my father taught me was the value of trust. Time and time again, he showed me how to trust is earned with honesty, integrity, and hard work. On the daily basis, he demonstrated how delivering care with excellence and compassion was the foundation of trust. For 51 years, my father was respected and admired by both his peers and his patients.

Each and every day, I strive to follow the path my father set before me. “Be the best dentist you can be,” “promise the best and deliver on that promise,” and “there is no better reward than to serve others.”

  • Over 30 years practicing dentistry
  • Taught at Loyola and Northwestern Dental Schools
  • Authored published articles in the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and other prestigious journals
  • Lectured nationally and internationally on the subject of cosmetic dentistry

“Dentistry provides me with the two things I am most passionate about: Helping others and creating functional art. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone show off a smile they are proud of. So sit back and relax while we guide you through our high-quality dental experience.”

‘‘Steven Fishman has cared for my teeth for twenty-seven years. His staff have always been welcoming, personable, and concerned for my comfort, and I've always felt that my teeth receive the benefit of the latest in dental care technology, as well as Dr. Fishman's superlative skills.’’

Anthony B. (CCAD Patient)

Friendly & Professional

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Office Manager

Many professional sports GMs believe you should “draft the best athlete; you can train the position.” This epitomizes Joyce, who had never managed a dental practice before but had the tools to do a great job: intelligence, responsibility, problem-solving, and an eye for detail.

Our patients really appreciate the extra things she does, from making a phone call to see how they’re doing after a long procedure to following through with insurance companies and advocating for the maximum benefits.

Joyce is a true “foodie.” Where most people have pictures of friends, family, and places on their phones, Joyce’s iPhone photos are mostly of meals from great restaurants or ones she prepared herself. Just about every week she posts mouthwatering dishes. If you need to know what’s happening on the restaurant scene in Chicago or need a great recipe, Joyce is the person to ask.

Joyce likes traveling and eating with “class.” She is a wonderful aunt to her two nieces, Natalie and Ashley. She has a flair for decorating and fashion.

“Why do I love my job? The fact that patients leave this office telling me that this is better than going to a spa. How often do you hear dental office and spa in the same sentence?”


Dental Hygienist

Stephanie hails from the great state of Ohio. A graduate from Ohio State University, where she received both her bachelor’s degree and hygiene training, Stephanie graduated cum laude and was the vice president of her hygiene class.

From an early age, Stephanie showed an interest in dentistry. As a dental hygienist, she has the opportunity to share her knowledge and express her enthusiasm for her profession. She takes great satisfaction in helping improve and maintain our patients’ oral health. Stephanie loves getting to know each patient personally and making sure they have a pleasant experience in her chair. She is a great addition to our team.

Stephanie and her husband, Andrew, moved to Chicago in 2013. They are still getting to know “city life” and are excited about Chicago’s varied cultural and culinary experiences. From food and music festivals to playing in several sports leagues, Stephanie, Andrew and even their dog, Henry, love taking advantage of all that Chicago has to offer.

“I love being a dental hygienist because helping patients improve their oral health is rewarding, every hour of the day is different, and I strive to get to know my patients on a personal level, which makes each day like a mini family reunion.”


Dental Assistant

Courtney is an exceptional dental assistant. She has just the right amount of clinical knowledge and skill combined with a great caring attitude. You will find Courtney professional, courteous, and a friendly conversationalist.

Courtney grew up in a very close family on the south side of Chicago and is an avid White Sox and Blackhawks fan. She loves music (her brother is a professional musician) and has a wonderful appreciation for all genres.
Courtney is also an animal lover. She lives with her two cats and her American Pit Bull Terrier, Owen.

“I love my job because I work with the greatest team and we provide the best quality care to our patients.”

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