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Comprehensive Dentistry

We have all the key components to maintain and improve your oral health.

Regular Exam

Regular exams every six months help maintain good oral health and hygiene.

A typical exam will include:

  • Paperwork via email

  • Review of your health history

  • X-rays if required

  • Photos of the inside of your mouth

  • One-on-one discussion with Dr. Fishman

  • Personalized treatment plan

A smiling woman having an exam at the number one place for dental in Chicago
Dental Chicago - A man smiling after having an inlay

Inlays and Onlays

Dr. Steven Fishman uses his skill and passion when making porcelain restorations, a process that is more exacting and is more advantageous. Unlike gold, which can be unsightly, porcelain inlays and onlays unite unmatched aesthetics with the fit and function of the best gold restoration. These are best used to fix a broken, cracked, or decayed tooth.


Bonded dental composites are utilized when there is minor decay or damage to the tooth. Dr. Fishman has lectured internationally on the correct utilization and placement of these materials. He also enjoyed the honor of being one of few clinicians selected to serve on the advisory board of a major composite manufacturing company.

These fillings match your natural tooth color, are long-lasting, and are simple to place.

Dental Chicago - A beautiful woman smiling after having a filling
Dental Chicago - Smiling couple after a crown

Crowns and Bridges

There is no longer a need for unattractive and potentially bothersome metal support and substructures for dental crowns and bridges. The strength and durability of dental porcelains and ceramic materials has improved vastly in the past few years.

Still, materials alone do not make a great crown or bridge.
Nothing takes the place of experience, skill and artistry, which Dr. Fishman has in droves.


Many adult patients can benefit from having orthodontics. In addition to giving you a prettier smile, straighter teeth make it easier to maintain a healthy, happy smile. Invisalign® is perfect for many orthodontic situations. However, Dr. Fishman uses the expert care of an orthodontist when cases demand movements that Invisalign® cannot predictably correct.

Dental Chicago - Zoomed image of Invisalign®
Dental Chicago - Smiling old lady with dentures


Dr. Fishman earned his D.D.S. prior to the “implant era” of dentistry, so he has considerable experience in the fabrication of attractive, properly fitting and functioning, removable dentures and partial dentures.

At CCAD, we offer dentures as an effective option for replacing multiple teeth on either your upper or lower jaw. These dentures look and feel great!

‘‘Love Dr. Fishman and his staff! They are super friendly and professional. After seeing several doctors and getting different opinions, Dr. Fishman is the only one that really tried to save my tooth. I walked out the office today smiling ear to ear.’’

Jamie M. (CCAD Patient)

Dental Chicago - Pretty lady with veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Let your smile shine.

Fabricated from extremely strong and aesthetic porcelain, these thin (1.5-0.5mm) pieces of porcelain can restore a damaged tooth, improve color and shape and even provide proper chewing guidance and function.

The veneers are placed on the front of existing teeth and are custom-made to fit your mouth. The result? You will receive a beautiful, straight, and fully functional smile. These restorations are durable, stain resistant, and can be cared for like your natural teeth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Rediscover your confidence.

There are times when a patient needs extensive restoration of many damaged teeth, old and unsightly fillings and crowns, or to replace multiple missing teeth. The restoration required in these instances demands the specialized skills and 30 years of experience that Dr. Fishman brings to these complicated and exacting cases.

During a full mouth rehabilitation, your dentist in Chicago will identify the services needed in order to restore your smile. We will discuss and setup a comprehensive treatment plan with you.

Dental Chicago - Younger man who underwent full mouth rehab
Dental Chicago - Older man who has had a dental implant

Implant Restorations

Restore your smile back to health.

The successful use of dental implants has provided patients with treatment options that were never previously available. Dental implants have led to a treatment process called “teeth in a day” where patients can have both implants placed and artificial teeth attached to these implants all in a single day. It’s both an innovative and immediate solution.

Whether you need “teeth in a day” or a single tooth replaced, Dr. Fishman has had extensive experience in replacing teeth with the aid of dental implants. Dr. Fishman teams with the finest periodontal surgeons and oral surgeons to assure that each step of the implant process is performed safely and expertly. We assist with the planning to assure a successful and long-lasting result.

In addition, meticulous attention to both the surgical process of placing implants and the fabrication of “teeth” supported by these implants are imperative. When all of these steps are performed properly, implant supported prosthetics can provide long-lasting, aesthetic, and comfortable teeth replacements.

It’s Time for You to Smile